Dina Sayegh Doll


J.D., University of Southern California

B.A., University of Southern California


Co-founder of Doll Amir & Eley LLP

Gibson Dunn & Crutcher LLP - Los Angeles

Dina Sayegh Doll is an attorney, mediator, trial consultant, journalist and television legal analyst. 

She is an official legal analyst of the Law & Crime Network.  She regularly appears on their shows, Law & Crime DailyLaw & Crime Report and Daily Debrief.  She has also provided countless hours of live commentary for the network involving criminal trails including unpredictable witness testimony, pre-trial hearings and sentencing hearings.  She has provided legal analysis on almost all of the high-profile cases over the past year including those involving:  Harvey Weinstein, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Kyle Rittenhouse, Lori Loughlin, Vanessa Bryant, Smartmatic and Dominion.  She has also appeared on Access Hollywood, Spectrum News, The Mediator with Ice T and Medias Touch as a legal expert.

Dina is co-founder of the firm Doll Amir & Eley LLP where she consults on numerous civil litigation matters, including high-stakes jury trials and is a certified mediator.  As a panel mediator for the Los Angeles Superior Court as well as in her own private practice, she resolved over 100 cases in mediation, including some of the most complex business, employment, and consumer disputes on the Superior Court's and District Court's docket.  She brings to each of these roles a unique perspective as to why some cases go to trial and others resolve early.  There is a strategic, financial, and emotional component to every lawsuit.  Understanding the interplay between these components is the key to early success in a lawsuit.  Law is simple; people are complicated -- if you want to resolve a case outside the courtroom, focus on the people.  

Dina graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the USC School of Journalism in 1996, and graduated Order of the Coif from USC Law School in 1999.  While at USC, she was a staff writer for the Daily Trojan as well as an editor of the Law Review.  She practiced corporate law at Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher in the area of securities, mergers and acquisitions and private equity.  She assisted in a range of large corporate debt offerings, initial public offerings and the formation of the then largest fund ever raised by a private equity group.

She has published several legal articles including, “Can the President Get Away with That” explaining presidential immunity, “What can Giuliani Say and Will He?” which applies the legal standard of the attorney-client privilege to the interaction of Rudy Giuliani and President Trump and “How Hamilton Played a Role in Trump’s Supreme Court Loss” analyzing the Supreme Court’s case Trump v. Vance regarding President Trump’s taxes.

Dina is also a delegate to the California Democratic Party representing the 66th district for the 2021-2023 term.